Phuentsholing and Thimphu are the two major cities that serve a major commercial hub. The largest city Thimphu serves as the capital and the major tourist destination, as it houses a large number of tourist attractions.  Phuentsholing on contrary serves as the border town, the second largest after Thimphu, and the gateway to Bhutan via road. Phuentsholing connects Thimphu with Thimphu highway that passes through rugged terrain, scenic landscapes, valleys, mountains, etc. Thimphu is renowned as the cultural hotspot with the oldest monasteries, Dzongs, temples, museums, etc. Phuentsholing, on the other hand, contradicts Thimphu with only 3 monasteries and has no Dzongs, and the buildings are also built in modern style.  It is perhaps due o the influence from its neighboring region.

Phuentsholing to Thimphu road distance- 164.6km via Phuentsholing to Thimphu Highway, which is 4.35 hours drive

How to reach: There are two alternatives to reach Thimphu. One is flying to Paro and then a drive to Thimphu. Second is road trip. The road trip begins from Phuentsholing, via the scenic mountainous and rugged landscapes until you reach Thimphu.

Best time visit: If you’re planning a visit to Thimphu via Phuentsholing, then spring is the best time to visit that is from March, April, and May.

Tips: Major facts and tips for road tripping from Phuentsholing to Thimphu

Getting into Bhutan with an exciting road trip can be amazing. The country offers a scenic drive and mesmerizing sights that is simply breathtaking. However, entering into Bhutan demands a lot of protocols to be fulfilled. Such as visas for the international travelers, the daily tourism fees, etc, but the travelers from India, Maldives, and Bangladesh are exempted from these, but they certainly need a valid permit to enter into Bhutan.

Who all needs entry permits for Bhutan?

The people traveling from India, Maldives, and Bangladesh needs to get a valid permit in order to get accessibility to Bhutan and do not need a VISA.

Where can I apply for entry permits in Bhutan and how long does it take to complete the entire process?

Travelers traveling via road trip should apply for permits at Immigration Office of Royal Government of Bhutan in Phuentsholing. Normally, it takes approx 30 minutes to complete the permit obtaining procedure.

What documents are required to get the permits done?

You need to carry the photocopies of your voter ID card/ passport and passport size photos. The children below 18 years should have the photocopy of birth certificate or passport, student ID and passport size photos.  You need to carry the originals as well for the verification

How much does it cost to travel to Thimphu from Phuentsholing?

The fare of traveling to Thimphu differs with the number of people traveling, the type of vehicle you choose, etc. You can avail the best discounts on Phuentsholing to Thimphu taxi fare if you book your transport prior to your vacation.

Can I get discounts on booking taxis and accommodations in Bhutan?

Discounts are available on booking taxis and accommodations in Bhutan during the festivities, or during the fall seasons. Bhutan is not a backpacker’s destination, but, if you want to reap the benefits of lucrative discounts, then keep an eye on the vacation planners.

Are there any sightseeing places in Phuentsholing?

Phuentsholing is basically a gateway town and a mercantile hub. The town hosts few sightseeing places like crocodile breeding center, monasteries, Chhukha Hydro Project, etc. You can buy goods at the town at low prices as compared to the prices that are in Thimphu.

What are the benefits of road tripping from Phuentsholing to Thimphu?

There are numerous benefits of traveling to Thimphu from Phuentsholing. Firstly, it is the cost, road trips are a cheaper mode of transport as compared to the expensive airfares.  Secondly, the road trips to Thimphu are way more exciting, as it offers a wide array of landscapes beauty and charm. It is a perfect method of accessing Bhutan as it allows you to travel at your own convenient time.  Thirdly, you can even drive your own vehicle if you want to, and you can even book the vehicle at the last minute of your travel.  Besides, booking vehicles online and prior to weeks of travel will bring you lucrative discounts for Phuentsholing to Thimphu taxi fare.

What is Thimphu famous for?

Thimphu perhaps is the most bizarre capital city in the world, deprived of traffic lights, where culture and modernity go hand in hand. The cultural extravaganza of Bhutan is treasured in its capital. Besides, the capital is the home to Bhutan’s major number of sightseeing places, oldest relics, and the world’s most unique democratic monarchy.

What are the best things to do in Thimphu?

Thimphu is the dream destination for all, be it old or young, adventurers and pilgrims, Thimphu has scooped all in its palm.  Besides the adventure and spirituality, you can indulge in shopping in Thimphu, taste tongue tingling Bhutanese cuisines, recreational activities, etc.

What are the best hotels in Thimphu?

Being the most coveted tourist destination, Thimphu has countless options for accommodations. You can choose from the budget hotels in Thimphu to the most luxurious upscale hotels in Thimphu.  Some of the upscale hotels are Le Meridien Thimphu, Taj Tashi Thimphu, Ariya Hotel, Hotel Thimphu Tower, Hotel Druk, Thimphu, Terma Linca Resort & Spa, etc.

Some of the budget-friendly hotels are- Hotel Wangchuk, Hotel Norbuling, Khamsum Inn, Hotel River View, Hotel Shanti Deva, etc.

So, book your transport today to grab the lucrative discounts on Phuentsholing to Thimphu taxi fare. Enjoy the delightful road trip.

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