‘Summer is the time to travel, but if you plan ahead, you can stay fit and healthy while enjoying your summer trip!’

For millions of people, summertime means travel time. Whether it’s heading off for business trips or going on visiting new places with the family, the change in routine can misbalance anyone’s fitness routine. But if you combine that with summer weather then junk food and moving in vehicles from one place to another due to peak rays of the sun can give you extra pounds to gain.

So, why not look for ways to stay fit and continue with your diet mission even while being on your family trip and no other place is perfect other than Bhutan!

Staying fit during the vacation!

Being a country clustered with mountains and valleys, Bhutan is the ultimate place to keep you and your family fit. Let’s find out the tips!

1. Eat fruits for breakfast!

When travelling there is no doubt you want to linger your taste buds with all the delicious cuisines. But often eating junk foods can make you opt for some unhealthy choices. So, the best part is to have a fruit-filled breakfast in the morning.

2. Actively explore!

If you are on a family trip to Bhutan and cannot go to the gym every morning, then there are chances to get plenty of walking and exploring the sites in Bhutan. This will give new experiences and will keep you fit.

3. Find restaurants within a walking distance!

Why take a taxi to the restaurant when you can enjoy a leisurely walk? Plus walking after a meal is a wonderful way to help you keep fit. Hence, as Bhutan does not have much traffic it will be easy for you to take a walk from your hotel to the restaurant.

4. Stick to water!

As summers are normally hot during the day it is important to keep you re-hydrate by drinking enough water. Always carry a water bottle with you when you go sightseeing. But keep yourself away from fruit juices and sodas as it will add calories to your diet.

5. Snack wisely!

While on the road or a long bus trip you often feel hungry till you reach your destination. So, you can fill up on snacks till you arrive and sit down for a proper meal. Nuts and fruits are the best way to fill your stomach and also stay fit!

6. Remember your medications!

Health is first… always. If you have altitude sickness you must take proper medications. Also, keep a proper diet so as not to get sick and you can enjoy your trip to Bhutan with your family.

Summertime is indeed the perfect time to explore and enjoy!

So, book your trip to Bhutan with family tour packages and do a little bit of planning and creativity to keep your whole family healthy and fit during the trip!

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