Bhutan is a place of mystic beauty. Bhutan was an unknown land that is recently known to the world.

Mysterious places, unrealistic views and mesmerizing essence combine together to complete Bhutan. There is lot to see in Bhutan and abundance to experience.

Still our curious mind search for something different. To quench the thirst of something different, we land up exploring some really unseen and unknown places in Bhutan.

It was 7 days in Bhutan and it is the story of experiencing 7 Offbeat Destinations in Bhutan:

Day 1-Phobjikha Valley:

This is a wonderful U shaped valley amidst the spectacular natural beauty of Bhutan. During the months of January and February, this valley stays covered with snow and gives an out of the worldview.

You can also see beautiful wildlife at this place.

Day 2-Haa:

This is one of the less populated parts of Bhutan. The most attractive part of Haa is the Haa valley. The Haa valley has steep falls. The Torsa Strict Nature Reserve is the most protected eco- friendly place in the area.

You need to come to this place to experience the essence of this place.

Day 3-  Jangtsa Dumtseg Lhakhang:

This temple is located in the Paro valley. This temple has long narrative history that will confront you with different legends and you will soon reach a different world of fantasy.

The temple has a huge lot of Buddhist paintings and this complete the architecture of the temple.

Day 4- General Shop and Café:

On the way of Thimphu to Paro, you can experience this little shop having beautiful materials. Lama Tshering General Shop is the place where you get beautiful eye-catching materials.

In Paro you can experience this wonderful café Champaca Café. This café will add up to your Bhutan wonderful trip experience.

Day 5- Philatelic Bureau:

Yes, it is a post office but what a fascinating post office. Don’t think I am sounding vague. It’s true. You can ask for a personalized stamp in this post office. Take a high-resolution photograph with you to get a personalized stamp.

Day 6- Lheunste:

If you are a nature lover, you will love this place because it has rough mountains, beautiful nature and wonderful monastery.

With nice cliffs, forests and beautiful trekking sight this place is still not so popular among travelers.

Day 7- National Handloom Development:

Nice and beautiful handmade fabrics are found in this place. Whoever visits Bhutan must come to this place to choose the best fabrics for themselves.

This place belongs to the National Women’s Association of Bhutan.

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