You must have heard that Bhutan and especially touring to Thimphu is quite expensive. The truth is that you might be lacking the proper planning. The best things about travelling are that it can be done on any budget. You must know how to divide your budget and make the best out of all things in your trip. Although there is no end to spend on the exquisite places to go and things to do, there is still a scope to enjoy the best with your effective budget. Are you planning a Thimphu and want to invest a little less? The capital city waits for you with a lot of fun and exciting things to do. The best way is to travel with the best travel agents. Book with them and learn about the costs including the Phuentsholing to Thimphu taxi fare.

Reaching Thimphu in a budget

Road trips are your best option. Not only in terms of price but travelling to Bhutan means extracting all its beauty and splendour that you will definitely not absorb by an aeroplane landing. The Phuentsholing to Thimphu taxi fare will make you happy and do you know what will make you happier? The ride along the hills that reflect peace, roads that bring an eternal essence of calm and spectacular stopovers filled with grace and serenity. Therefore, it is always a better option, no matter you are travelling with a budget or not.

Is staying at Thimphu really expensive?

There are many budget-friendly hotels in Thimphu. Your travel agent will assist you in searching for the best hotel according to your convenience. You can taste the authentic dishes at many affordable restaurants and they actually make it so much better. You know how we all love street foods. Do not miss hogging in the spicy treats of the streets. Do not worry about hygiene, Bhutan is one of the cleanest countries.

Places to visit

The taxi service will act as the tour guide and take you to the most appealing destinations for an unforgettable experience.

Buddha Dordenma

You cannot miss this mystical and soulful site. The great mediating 51 feet Buddha is the best to begin your Thimphu tour with. The entry is free over as the feeling is priceless.

Phuentsholing to Thimphu taxi fare

TrashiChho Dzong

The grand structure that is must-visit, the Dzong boasts of some of the best architectural and traditional traces. Bond with the culture and discover every shade of Bhutan.

Weekend Market

Although there are many other things to do and places to visit in your budget trip, you must stroll around the Weekend Market to explore the streets of Bhutan filled with art, antiquity and lots of love.

Learn about the Thimphu travel and Phuentsholing to Thimphu taxi fare from the best tour operators in Bhutan.

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