Vacation for some, maybe about exploring the new places, enjoying the views, and gaining access to new regions, but for some, it is about breaking the boundaries, being free from the limits, embracing the change, and living life to the fullest that is unrestricted by ignorance. That’s why; there are countless solo travelers who are living a life beyond words.

The word ‘solo’ triggers our sense in many ways, some may interpret it as solitude, for some its loneliness, desolation. When this word gets associated with travel, it bears strength, freedom, willingness, and courage.  If you’re seeking to explore the farthest and mysterious corners and most coveted destinations on earth, then plan a solo vacation to Bhutan before the end of summer. Bizarre it may appear to some but, if you prefer traveling solo, then Bhutan is one of the unmissable destinations where endless adventure and surprises await, which will leave you spell bounded and at peace at once.  And, yes! It is one of the mysterious yet one of the safest places to travel on earth for the solo travelers.

How to reach there?

Due to its landlocked nature, Bhutan offers only 2 modes of accessibility. One is by-road trip via Phuentsholing, and the other is by- a flight to Paro International Airport, the only airport in Bhutan.

Foreigners require a VISA to get accessibility to Bhutan. If you’re a national of India, Maldives, and Bangladesh, you do not need a VISA to get accessibility in Bhutan.

Entry Permits: For the ones exempted from purchasing VISA, it’s mandatory for them to get themselves a valid entry permit, without which their accessibility will be denied.

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Getting there by an exciting and engrossing road trip with Bhutan car rentals

Road tripping is the best mode of reaching Bhutan. You can book your vehicle from the reliable transport agencies in Siliguri, the Indian town in North Bengal, which the en route and the only gateway to Bhutan via road. You can avail car rental services for your solo vacation to Bhutan from here, which will drive you to the bustling border town of Jaigaon, then to the adjacent Bhutanese town of Phuentsholing and for the further journey as well.

However, if you’re in Jaigaon or, Phuentsholing you can book your vehicle from either one of these towns, as there is no dearth of transportation services here.

Want safety, convenience, and reasonable cost for Bhutan tour?

We recommend AV Tours, the best transport service providers for your overall trip to Bhutan. They even organize ‘entry permits to Bhutan’ for your solo trip/ permit renewal, sightseeing tours, airport & station transfers, emergency pick-up & drop, local transfers, etc.  Book here for assured safety, convenience, and the lowest price in the industry. If you’re willing to drive to Bhutan in your own vehicle or hire a one for self-drive, then you need to follow some protocols in order to win this opportunity.

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Getting there by a fascinating flight to Paro with Druk Air, the only flight to Bhutan

Druk Air is the only flight of Bhutan operating from a handful of cities in India and from some of the other countries like Singapore, Bangkok, Kathmandu, and Bangladesh. Flight tickets should be booked 5-7 months prior to your visit if you want discounts. Mostly, it is impossible to get flight tickets to Bhutan due to the dearth of flights operating in Bhutan.

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How much does it cost to travel solo in Bhutan?

For the foreigners, there is a daily tourism tariff of US$250 per day during the peak seasons, and the cost will be reduced to US$200 per day during the off-season. However, if you’re traveling solo, then you need to pay an extra US$40 per day as surplus value charges which will remain the same during both peak and off-seasons. Besides, it is mandatory for them to purchase a vacation package for Bhutan from the licensed travel agency in Bhutan. The daily tariff covers everything from accommodation in 4-star hotel, 3 meals, tour guide, sightseeing tours, transport, and entry permits.

However, the daily tourism tariff is ‘not applicable’ for the travelers from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives. If you’re traveling from the daily tariff exempted countries, you can plan your own trip for a solo vacation in Bhutan. You can pick your hotel, transport, and choose the places to eat, sightseeing destinations as per your preference and that too, depending on your budget.

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Top not-to-be-missed places in Bhutan for a solo trip

Bhutan is the treasure chest of natural allure, treasured culture, and traditions far beyond the reach and impact of the world. Mysterious as it appears from outside, a vacation to Bhutan offers an opportunity to delve into the country, which is remarkably appealing. Endowed with breathtaking landscapes, adorable ancient Dzongs & monasteries, charming villages, untouched provinces, and the majestic mountains, Bhutan is the quest for wanderlusts.  So, here’s the list of major places in Bhutan that a solo traveler should not miss.

1. Thimphu- The capital and the largest city in the country houses the largest number of sightseeing destinations in Bhutan. Not only sightseeing, Thimphu offers a plethora of adventure and a thorough insight into the Bhutanese culture added with a promising shopping experience.

Recommended stay- 3-5 days

2. Punakha-The ancient capital and the winter residence of the administrative body, Punakha is the warmest of all regions. Housing the country’s one of the oldest and the magnificent Dzongs, Punakha is the delight of the peace seeker, a solo traveler on a quest, and those seeking adventure and culture freaks. Punakha is the home to the country’s most sought after villages, like Lobesa Village, Ritsha Village, Talo, etc.

Recommended stay- 2-3 days

3. Haa Region: If you’re seeking solitude and peace then trek to Haa region. Enveloped in tranquility and the mesmerizing landscapes, Haa region is dreams come true for the travelers seeking aesthetic charm, nature lovers, wanderers, and adventurers. The stunning region with diverse landscapes offers a plethora of opportunities for short treks, nature walks, and leisurely trails in the quaint villages.

Recommended stay- 2 days

4. Wangdue: One of the largest districts in Bhutan, Wangdue is the storehouse of nature’s ineffable appeal accompanied by the rustic charm and the ever existing culture, traditions that are unique in every sense. It’s worth venturing on a solo trip to Wangdue, which is the abode to some of the major Dzongs and the country’s most peaceful villages where the natives own the invincible skills in traditional arts and crafts.

Recommended stay- 1-2 days

5. Paro: The dwelling region of the country’s largest number of monasteries and Dzongs, Paro invokes a sense of spirituality in its guests. The breathtaking scenic appeal, culture, and the incredible charm of Paro have made it the most coveted and most explored destinations in Bhutan. The unique and mysteriously built Tiger’s Nest is a major reason for the immense influx.

Recommended stay- 2-3 days

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bhutan suitable and safe for the solo travelers?

Tourism Council of Bhutan strictly regulates the tourism industry that is travel agencies, hotels, transportation services, and local guides. For any kind of professional misconduct or misbehavior, the council has put strict rules and penalty. Bhutan witnesses an influx of about 100, 000 travelers and there is no record of misbehavior or mishaps with the single traveler. Travelers across the world have gone for solo vacation to Bhutan without any unfortunate event and trouble-free. Bhutan is a spiritual country, where spirituality is a way of life. Bhutanese are peace-loving and docile people, well known for their hospitality. Solo trip or vacation in Bhutan is safe for everyone who seeks to venture in one.

Do I need Visa to travel to Bhutan from India?

No. The citizens traveling from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives do not require Visa to travel to Bhutan.  However, you need to obtain a valid permit to get accessibility to Bhutan. If you’re traveling to Bhutan by road then you can get your permit at Phuentsholing. If you’re flying to Paro, your permits will be issued at Paro itself.  The renewal of permits is done in Thimphu, the capital city without any cost.

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