Witness Incredible Cheap Price on Gold with Tour Operator in Bhutan

Tour operator in Bhutan is the solution for every hassle while having a great tour in the Royal kingdom. Landlocked in the midst of the Himalayas, Bhutan is an evolving nirvana offering one of the most mesmerizing places that defines the beauty of nature and being one of the most spiritual countries, the culture is extremely unique and is a major tourist attraction of the world. Bhutan is a country constantly developing for sustainable tourism. As tourism is one of the most important assets for the economy of the country. Visitors are seen all round the year exploring the unseen and unheard beauty of the country. Bhutan is a country that has offered the world beauty of nature and culture but apart from that it has also offered facilities that are truly essential for every person. If you are travelling to Bhutan from India and other neighboring countries then you will be very surprised by the price of gold in Bhutan. With the renowned tour operator of Bhutan ‘Go AV tours’ , you can visit the banks and duty free stores where you can access these gold. The gold prices in Bhutan are incredibly low compared to India.

Visit Duty-Free Shops with Popular Tour Operator in Bhutan

With GO AV Tours, a popular tour operator in Bhutan you can be fully guided for relevant places and protocols to buy gold in Bhutan. Bhutan is a country that gains a lot from the tourism. So to promote tourism and attract more visitor to the country, Bhutan has now allowed visitor for accessing gold from the country in relatively low prices compared. The country is one of the cleanest country in the world and Bhutan implement sustainability like no other nation of the world. As of earlier this year, it has been made mandatory that every tourist visiting Bhutan has to pay certain amount of tourism tax known as SDF(Sustainable Development Fee). To promote maximum tourism now you can buy and get access to up to 20 grams of gold in Bhutan. Visitors from India can access gold in a relatively very low amount compared to their own country. Thus buying gold is not easy as it comes with couple of protocol to be followed. Some of the protocol you need to follow to buy gold in Bhutan as a visitor are as follows

As a tourist or a visitor you can buy 20 grams of gold from local duty-free shops in Thimphu and Phuentsholing under the following requirements

  1. Pay SDF (Sustainable Development Fee)
  2. Get acquainted to certified hotels of Department of Tourism
  3. Payment should be done in USD (US dollars)
  4. Submit a copy of Visa/Permits of SDF issued by the Department of Revenue and Custom
  5. A photocopy of Passport or Voter Id ( For Indians)

So Bhutan is a land for witnessing beauty, nature and culture. As tourism is the most important factor in the country ,promoting tourism through gold is a very relevant and sustainable way. Get Bhutan tour package from Go AV tours and enjoy Bhutan with every essential.