Bhutan Travel Packages

The uniqueness of Bhutan makes it stand apart from other countries of the world. We were unable to unearth the magnificence of this place until 1974 when foreign traveller were allowed to pervade this blissful place. The glorious features of Bhutan allures visitors thought the world.

The presence of monasteries amidst the heart of mountains, evokes a sense of spirituality which works as medicine to our weary souls that helps in revitalizing us with spirit of enthusiasm and ecstasy .

The beautiful hills and mountains does intrigues a sense of trekking which is an awesome way of viewing the beauty of nature closely. Such a beautiful place does attract people like honey attracts its bee.

Top Tourist Attraction of Bhutan

Bhutan is a beautiful place with various euphoric features that attracts tourist from all over the world. Few of these are:


This is the most famous pass of Bhutan and is also famous among the tourist. It is located at an altitude of 3989 metres above the sea level and is the highest road pass of Bhutan with spectacular views of the Himalayan range.


Buddha Dordenma is a unique bronze statue of Prophet Gautama Buddha which is 177 feet tall and is present in Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan. The gigantic statue of Buddha symbolizes the strong existence of Buddhism in Bhutan.


It is the sacred sight of Buddhist located in Paro valley of Bhutan with the temple complex located along the Cliffside of the valley. The scenic beauty of this place is amazing and is also one of the most famous tourist spot.

Other famous spots are Jomolhari, Dochula Pass, Punakha Dzong, etc. Thus, we are waiting eagerly to travel with you along with amazing surprises so make sure to make us your travel partner and have a phenomenal trip ahead.