Why do you need car rental service in Bhutan?

As Bhutan is blessed with the diverse and breathtaking landscapes, travelers need to hire cars in Bhutan for the convenient journey. The rugged terrains, ascends, descends, and the considerable distance between airport, hotel, sightseeing places, pilgrimages sites, etc are some of the reasons for obtaining car rental in Bhutan. So, if you travel to Bhutan by air, or cross the border with a road trip, then for the further journey ahead, Bhutan cars are required. Since Bhutan is a landlocked country; there is no suitable landscape for building railway tracks, which resulted in a huge demand for car rentals in Bhutan, the mode of travel within the country.

If you’re exploring, then you shouldn’t miss Thimphu, as the capital city has the country’s major number of relics, Dzongs, shopping places, and sightseeing destinations in Bhutan. Never worry about the transport, car rental in Thimphu Bhutan comes at best prices offering you an extensive range of services for transfers, sightseeing, local and business tours, culture tours, shopping, and more.

Why choose Bhutan cars for your Bhutan tour?

There are several reasons for availing car rental for Bhutan Tour. They are -

  • The vast expanse of landscapes cannot be covered by foot
  • The higher elevation and the undefeatable rugged terrains
  • A diverse array of sightseeing places
  • Car hire in Bhutan assures the efficient services and punctuality
  • Unequally formed landscapes, mostly ascend sand descends
  • The considerably large distance between the major sightseeing places
  • The absence of railway tracks and airways with the country for traveling
  • High altitudinal passes are best covered with the long and scenic drive
  • Car rental for Bhutan tour is the only mode of traveling within the country and for sightseeing
  • Be it local, business and leisure trips, Bhutan cars are always ready to serve you at your behest
  • The car rental service in Bhutan is convenient and ensures unbeatable rates, unsurpassable efficiency, etc.

Where can I get preferred services and best Bhutan car rental fare/rates?

Being the tourism destination, there is no shortage of car hire in Bhutan. But as far efficiency, services, and best price are concerned, we recommend AV Tours So, ditch the limits and boundaries, because AV Tours offers a promising Bhutan car rental services and delights to go an extra mile with you. Besides the commitment, they ensure unbeatable Bhutan car rental rates at profitable and great prices.

What are the driving conditions like in Bhutan?

Driving conditions in Bhutan can be challenging due to the country's mountainous terrain and narrow, winding roads. The road network in Bhutan is still developing, and while major highways are generally well-maintained, many smaller roads can be rough and unpaved, especially in rural areas. It's essential to be prepared for varying road conditions, including potholes and landslides during the monsoon season.
Traffic in Bhutan is relatively light compared to many other countries, which can be a relief for drivers. However, you should be cautious of livestock and pedestrians on the roads, particularly in rural areas. Bhutanese drivers also have their unique habits, such as honking to indicate their presence on blind curves, so it's essential to stay alert.
Weather conditions can also affect driving, especially in the higher-altitude regions. In winter, snow and ice can make roads treacherous, and some mountain passes may be closed. During the monsoon season, heavy rains can lead to landslides and road closures.
Overall, driving in Bhutan can be a rewarding experience, allowing you to explore the country's stunning landscapes and remote villages. Still, it's crucial to exercise caution, have a reliable vehicle, and be prepared for unexpected challenges on the road. Consider hiring a local driver or guide if you are unfamiliar with the terrain or local driving customs.

Vehicle Type Driver allowance Seater Per Km Rate Fare Included Km
Small budget segment car rental in Bhutan INR 200 4+ driver INR 9 INR 1,500 50 km/hour
Mid and large segment car rental in Bhutan INR 300 6+ driver INR 18 INR 2,500 50 km/hour
Luxury car rental/hire in Bhutan INR 400 4+ driver INR 45 INR 4,500 50 km/hour

Frequently Asked Questions

ANS. It depends upon the segment of vehicles you are booking. A normal hatchback or a sedan could cost around 3500-4000 INR / PER day and MUV’s and other high end vehicles could cost around 6000 to 10000/ per day.
ANS. Yes you can rent a car in Bhutan from a renowned and trusted travel agency. Different agencies offer different prices and services.
ANS. Yes Indians can travel to Bhutan in a car with proper doci=umentations and permits.
ANS. Different travelers prefer different vehicles but the most efficient and comfortable are Toyota Innova Crysta.
ANS. No you cannot drive a zoom car in Bhutan.
ANS. No Bhutan is not free for Indians, You have to pay an amount of 1200 to 1400 INR / Per Day as SDF (Sustainable Development Fund).
ANS. Yes you are required to carry your valid passport while traveling to Bhutan.
ANS. Along with Aadhaar Card other documents are also required for a tour in Bhutan.
ANS. Yes you can travel to Bhutan from India on a bike. There are numerous agency that offer bike rental services for Bhutan tours.
ANS. Bhutan only allows visitors to travel independently, meaning without the services of a guide, vehicle and driver, while in the two western valleys of Paro & Thimphu. You must have the services of a guide, vehicle and driver when traveling outside these two valleys.
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