Shrouded in mystery and endowed with varied landscapes and the world’s highest unclimbed mountains and unexplored destinations, Bhutan offers only two modes of accessibility. One is via air, and two is via road. If you want to fly to Paro, then we recommend you to book your flight 5-6 months prior to your travel. If you’re keen to explore the country with a road trip, then avail car rental service in Bhutan for exploring the best places in Thimphu at top-notch services throughout your Bhutan tour.

Where to book cars in Bhutan?

Avail the best car rental services in Bhutan from the trusted and authorized travel agencies in Bhutan.  Travel operators are not only based in the major cities of Bhutan, but they’re spread across the globe to render the premium services.  If you have planned to go to Bhutan via road, then you can find the best car rental for Bhutan tour at Siliguri, the en route and largest and the nearest Indian city to Bhutan where your flight/train will drop you for your further journey.  The other one is, Jaigaon. It is a major commercial hub and the border town that shares a border with Bhutan’s second largest city Phuentsholing.

This route map will guide you if you’re planning to travel to Bhutan with road tripping adventure from Phuentsholing to Thimphu.

How many places can you cover with Bhutan cars?

Travel beyond the limit of the itineraries with Bhutan cars. Booking car is one thing but will they be able to render the services as they promised?  Bhutan cars are the trust of the countless road trippers, road warriors since decades. Rendering the top-notch services since the mysterious country opened itself to the outside world; you can enjoy the hassle-free journey of your life.

Their services exceed a traveler’s expectation. They not just help you with road trips and transfers, but they strive to make your dream come true as far as exploring the new destination is concerned.  They never hesitate to travel an extra mile with you.  Car hire in Bhutan is not about obtaining services and the sightseeing and the road trip you dreamed of, but, it is rather trusting someone with their unsurpassable services and companionship, and trusting them for being the best guide in a country that is new to you.

Major places covered are Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Phobjika, Haa Valley, Trongsa, Wangdue phrodang, Phuentsholing, etc. These places are the home to some of the major sightseeing destinations in Bhutan with a bit more of alternatives for promising adventure activities, pilgrimage sites, shopping places, relaxation and rejuvenation alternatives with mineral hot springs, wildlife, etc.



Explore Thimphu, the cultural hub of Bhutan with instant car hire in Bhutan. Thriving with a blend of modernity and ancient traditions; Thimphu is of the intriguing capital of the world.  The largest city in the world snuggles amid the diverse landscapes and is devoid of the traffic lights, best hotels, restaurants, and the best places to explore in Bhutan.



Paro is one of the coveted destinations as it is the home to the world’s most stunning cliff-side monasteries, exotic animals, museums and libraries filled with ancient texts and scriptures, etc.



Punakha, the winter residence of the monks and administrative bodies is one of the best places to be covered via road with Bhutan car-rental services. The warmest city in Bhutan is the home to the country’s oldest Dzongs, the country’s only suspension bridge, and the place to celebrate the back necked crane festival.

Haa Valley

Haa Valley

For the element of adventure, Haa is the best place for hikes and camping activities.  Phobjika Valley is best for experiencing the rural and rustic life of the people, indulging in their daily chores, festivals, savoring the cuisines, etc.

Trongsa and Wangdue Phrodang

Trongsa & Wangdue Phrodang

Trongsa and Wangdue phrodang are the best alternatives for leisurely activities like landscape photography, soaking in the mineral hot springs, meditating in the secluded places, spotting the wildlife, etc.



Phuentsholing, the border town of Jaigaon in India is the second largest city of Bhutan after Thimphu. It is a perfect place to indulge in shopping activities in Bhutan, savoring the cuisines, etc.

Avoid hassle with car hire in Bhutan

Got travel dreams? Travel easy and travel smart comparing Bhutan car rental rates online.  Hire cars comparing the rates and reviews based online. If you’re traveling to Thimphu Bhutan for the first time, then book cars in Bhutan for your entire trip from the authorized travel and tour agencies in Bhutan. In doing so, you will get your safety ensured and embrace a journey that is trouble-free.

What are the car hire charges in Bhutan?

The cost of car hire charges for traveling to Bhutan may vary depending on the season (peak season/off-season), the number of people, the type of vehicles, the number of days of traveling, and the uncertain rise in the fuel costs

Bhutan car hire rates start at approx. Nu. 3, 500

Bonus Information

Please note that Bhutanese Nu. And Indian Rupee is equivalent. Not all the places in Bhutan accept the credit cards, but surprisingly they accept the Indian Rupee.

So, are you a wanderlust soul?  Discover the best places to explore in Bhutan, and delve deeper into the places that are unexplored with instant car rental for Bhutan tour. So have a happy traveling.



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