Relish the Joy of Happiness with Bhutan Tour Packages

A majestic land nestled in the tall rocky mountains is this breathtaking beautiful Kingdom of Bhutan. A gem within its own this Himalayan paradise is also known as the Last Himalayan Shangri-La. Hidden by the mystical rocky mountains and lush greenery a country which values its roots of diverse culture and tradition and embraces spiritualism, The “Land of Thunder Dragons” or the “Land of gross national happiness”, Bhutan is truly an exceptional paradise on earth, a mystical land with charm and beauty surpassing the ordinary. A small neighbor country of India, Bhutan is still ruled by the monarchy and thus it is said that the locals of Bhutan are the happiest people on earth.The country is mythical to some and extraordinary to those who have traveled.

Bhutan can be reached through air or by road, prices of air tickets are quite affordable but the beauty and nature of the country can be best explored through a car or a cab as the country offers mesmerizing scenic views and unique culture that captivate major tourists all around the year. You cannot travel Bhutan self sufficient thus the best way to explore Bhutan is by booking Bhutan tour packages from tour operators in Bhutan.

Bhutan Tour Packages

Enjoy Bhutan with Diversity

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Book your Bhutan tour packages, Bhutan Honeymoon package and customized 6 night 7 days Bhutan tour package accordingly from AV tours and travels and enjoy diversity with freedom and blend in with a unique culture following modernity. Book your choice of package now and enjoy the land of happiness like never before.