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The Natural Beauty With Architectural Heritage.

If your intentions are to experience the natural beauty with architectural heritage, to hike up to the rocky mountains . To feel the serene river flowing down the valley ,to get along with a vibrant culture with rich traditional aspects ,to capture mesmerizing landscapes and way of life . To fetch unique artifacts then the culture tour that AV tours and travel offers is made for you.
Travelling to Bhutan? Check out Bhutan tour packages that suit your needs and budget.
Check out Bhutan tour packages with drivers assistants and interpreters in Bhutan
The Bhutan tour packages are exclusively designed for a comfortable and worthwhile vacation tour for our valued guest. Always keeping comfort and luxury first . We venture to convey the best quality service for our guest . To make it a worthwhile and a memorable vacation tour. This package is intended to serve for all age groups . It includes cultural sightseeing , holistic understanding of culture ,art and tradition with various itinerary destination tours. We give tailor made holidays to experience seekers as water rafting trekking and so forth…with expert people from this field.

We Offer Perfect Surroundings in Bhutan Tour Packages .

The entire kingdom of Bhutan is secured with 61% of the forest . In our Bhutan tour packages we offer perfect surroundings which are untouched and flawless. After the pandemic the trekking trial and the business there have late been presented . Just a modest bunch of visitors have accepted the open door to experience this rush. We venture to give a pleasurable voyage through treks . Adventure thrills according tour needs. In the package we look for providing comfort ,relaxation, peace and luxury and itinerary to give you soul awakening experience through the mountains valleys to the vital religious destination. All focused to make your trip a memorable one.
Bhutan is country that has preserved it cultural and tradition and religious aspects like no other place in the world. The beautiful and colorful flags ,the diverse thangkas, the tapestry the handicrafts are all incredible like no other. The festival that take place in Bhutan are enhanced with profound with significance and knowledge into the rich social qualities of the area. To a visitor the rich and vibrant culture is a nesesary because they see program during their stay. The festivals takes place in various region of the various months, with our assistance we give a festival tour packages.
Our best service to our visitors as it is most important motive in the package. We provide from assistance on arrival to the relaxing comfortable stay and arrays of tours we provide the best under the most reasonable prices.

Secretive and fabulous as it sound. Bhutan is the last Shangri-la in this quickly evolving world. In this 21st century when world boils in chaos and acts of violence. Bhutan remains as the demonstration of the world as the place where there is happiness, bliss and ovely environment. We take duty and commitment to give our visitors a plain involvement to the nation with a guarantee to make your stay memorable and treasured one.
Book wonderful Bhutan tour packages to the majestic kingdom of Bhutan from India with AV Tours And Travels . Enjoy your trip to make it a memorable one.