The road trip to Bhutan will surely amaze for harboring alluring surroundings, tempting weather, and captivating beauty.

Bhutan-‘Hamlet of Bewitching beauty’

Bhutan, ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’, it seems to be heaven for nature lovers. Covering almost 38,729 square kilometers of total area, Bhutan is landlocked country between China & Tibet. Decked in snowy mountains, sparkling rivers, and mesmerizing weather, Bhutan is must be explored by everyone at least once in a lifetime.

Things to keep in mind During Driving in Bhutan!!

Ready for an epic road trip driving in Bhutan? Although renting a car is the best way to experience this beautiful country, it is more interesting to self-drive of your own car for the Bhutan trip. However, there are a few things you should know before you start your adventure trip to Bhutan-

1. Want to Travel in Your Own Vehicle?

If you drive your own vehicle into Bhutan, you need to get a 14-day permit at the Phuentsholing border. You will also need the help of a tour operator to handle the paperwork at the border.

You can also choose to rent a car for self-driving from any tour agency.

2. Don’t forget to bring Driving License!!

It is the most important things to remember before starting your trip. Some people forget to take the driving license at the last moment due to hurry. So it is advisable to keep your license in your money bag in advance.

3. Obey The Road Rules!!

You must follow the Traffic rules during your road trip to Bhutan. Bhutan is a country with undulating plains, narrow road, and high bends. So don’t disobey the rules as it may lead to accidents.

4. Watch Out For Animals!!

Bhutan encompasses a wide variety of animals. Many large animals may cross your path while driving in Bhutan and crashing into them will definitely ruin your trip. So, be aware of it!

5. Keep Your GPS always on!!

As you are driving by road on your own, it is very important to go through the right track. Make sure your GPS connection is on for tracking the correct road route for your hassle-free trip to Bhutan.

6. Carry Your Food & Water Bottle!!

Road trip to Bhutan is surely a long duration trip. So, it is always advisable to carry all the foodstuffs along with enough water bottles with you to keep yourself active.

7. Know About Your Nearby Petrol Pumps!!

Your vehicle can be anytime fuel-less or petrol less. Get detailed information about the locations of petrol pumps to get rid of facing any problem.

The best advice is to carry extra petrol or diesel for any crucial situation that you may have face later.

‘You just have to keep driving down the road in Bhutan. It’s going to bend and you’ll speed up & slow down, but the road keeps going.’

Have A Fun-filled Memorable Driving In Bhutan…

We hope that the information we have provided will help you to drive in Bhutan without any worry. Regardless of which vehicle or road you choose, one thing’s for sure that renting a car in Bhutan gives you the freedom to set your own path. And it also lets you do it at your own pace and in a style that suits you.

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