It would be challenging for a photographer to find the best location but you cannot take a bad picture for a pre-wedding shoot in Bhutan.

This little kingdom will leave you captivated and awe-struck by everything placed- the stunning scenery, the ancient buildings, gorgeous architecture and the beautiful traditional dresses of its citizens.

Let us look at some of the best places with taxi services in Bhutan to take that pre-wedding picture to treasure your wedding memories for a lifetime.

1- Dochula Pass:

Dochula Pass

This spiritual mountain pass with 108 memorial Chortens holds statues of Buddha and religious text is situated on the way to Punakha. The stunning 360-degree panoramic view of the Himalayas is a significant attraction for the tourists.  The snow-capped mountains give a majestic backdrop to the tranquil beauty to the Chortens covering the pass.

Best picture spot: At the top of the grassy plains with the stupas below you and the mountains behind you.

2- Buddha Point:

Buddha point

Buddha point sits atop the hill of the Kuenselphodrang nature park which is the biggest Shakyamuni Buddha in the world which contains 125,000 small statues of Buddha. The entire area was developed with 51.5 m statue and the temple is the main focus point with the beautiful scenery it offers.

Best picture spot: The edge of the development, which overlooks the entrance to the Thimphu valley.

3- Tiger’s Nest Monastery:

Tigers Nest

It is one of the most iconic and religious places of Bhutan. It is a must place if you can manage the steep climb to reach the monastery. You might experience some breathlessness during the climb up the hike, but if you take your time, the journey is filled with scenic beauty.

Best picture spot: There is a platform to view which is situated directly opposite to the temple and the end of the journey is the best spot for a perfect picture with the temple.

4- Tachogang Lhakhang Suspension Bridge:


This iron cable bridge, built in the 15th century is nothing much to be seen from the road. But it offers scenic beauty with many angles to capture the best spot. The bridge is made beautiful with Thimphu River linking to the famous Tachogang Lhakhang Temple and is decorated with colorful flags.

Best picture spot: At the start of the bridge with the cables, flags and towering mountain ranges.

5- Simtokha Dzong:

Simtokha Dzong

This Dzong overlooks the entire Thimphu valley and is the country’s most famous Institute for Language and Cultural Studies, student monks and a monastic school. Its inner courtyard is the most beautiful example of Bhutanese architecture with many decorative paintings and religious symbols.

Best picture spot: Anywhere inside or outside the Dzong and the main staircase which leads to the inner temple is the best spot for a pre-wedding shoot.

6- Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendrup:


If you visit Punakha then stop by this hilltop nunnery and temple complex that is a few years old. You can get beautiful views of the valleys around you and if you climb to the top of the temple then you will get the view you have never seen before.

Best picture spot: At the top of the temple or the beginning of the temple is the best spot.

7- Punakha Dzong:

Punakaha Dzong

If you visit Paro town then you can visit the Punakha Dzong by a four hours’ drive. It was the place where the wedding of the King of Bhutan was held in 2011. It is arguably one of the most famous Dzongs in the country.

Best picture spot: There are many beautiful spots for a pre-wedding picture around the temple. But among them, one is the bridge leading to Punakha Dzong and the other by the riverbank.

Get ready to shoot in one of the unique countries

Bhutan is indeed a unique spot for capturing the best moments of your pre-wedding. But the spots mentioned below are among the few chosen spots which will surely give you beautiful memories of your once-in-a-lifetime pre-wedding moments with your loved one.

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