Phuentsholing is a complete bunch of art, culture, amazing picturesque beauty and modern life, which makes this small town the perfect holiday destination for the visitors in Bhutan. It is a frontier and developing commercial center on the northern edge of the Indian plains. It is an ideal place for those tourists who want to explore the cultural heritage of the country. Phuentsholing is one and only town in Bhutan which is devoid of any Dzong. This town also offers a peaceful and secure environment. It is a quite popular place among the tourists because it offers a very easy route of entry and exit by road from Bhutan.

How to reach:

By air: The best way to reach Phuentsholing is to take a flight from the nearest Bagdogra Airport to Paro International Airport. From the airport, you will get hired taxies or shared cabs to reach Phuentsholing.

By rail: The nearest Railway station is Hasimara Railway station or New Jalpaiguri Railway station and from there you can hire a taxi or a private car to reach Phuentsholing.

By road: The Bhutan Government buses depart from Siliguri Bus Station on Hill Cart Road at 7:30 AM and 1:30 PM every day.

You can also book a private car from your hometown to reach Phuentsholing.

The distance from NJP to Phuentsholing is 94km.


Location: It is the border town in Southern Bhutan, Chukha District.

Coordinates: 26.8603° N, 89.3938° E

Best time to visit: March to May

Best food: Bhutanese food and Continental food

Best festival: Gomkora Festival

What to see in Phuentsholing?

This small town is enchanted with tranquil monasteries, alluring landscapes, and stunning picturesque mountains. The main attractions of this place are mentioned below:

1. Zangto Pelhri Lhakhang: It represents the exact replica of the home of Guru Rinpoche

It is the place has eye-catching statues of Bodhisattvas and Avalokiteshvara. Morning time is the best to visit this place as you can explore the amazing sight of Buddhist Monks praying.

2. Karbandi Monastery: It is the oldest monastery in Bhutan

It is situated in the Southern border of Bhutan at a height of 400 meters and 1km away from Bhutan gate. According to legend, once an Indian couple came to this place, who had no child and prayed for a child. The wish was granted and after that, this place was frequently visited by unproductive couples.

3. The Amo Chhu Crocodile Breeding Centre: It is one of most popular tourist’s places

This center is located at a distance of 10min from bus stand of Phuentsholing. It was built in 1976 with only a dozen of crocodiles. It is the center of preserving the endangered species. Gharials and Muggers are listed as endangered species by International Union of Conservative Nature. These are the two types of crocodiles which you can explore in this breeding center.

Opening hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Besides Phuentsholing, there are many astounding sightseeing places to visit in Bhutan. You can explore or visit those places by simply booking a private taxi or rent a car in Phuentsholing to reach your destination.

Frequent questions to be asked:

1. What is the cost of car rental in Phuentsholing to reach Thimphu?

The cost of car rental is between approx Rs. 2600 -3000. The rate of car rental depends upon the season.

2. Can I travel solo or must I join a group in Phuentsholing?

You can travel solo in Bhutan and you will get independent guide along with driver throughout your tour.

3. Can I use credit cards in Phuentsholing?

Yes, you can use maestro cards, master cards and credit cards in Phuentsholing.

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