Bhutan- a visit to the last Shangri La

Bhutan is one of those countries that have a rich culture and heritage. It is the great Himalayan kingdom that is shrouded in mystery. However, it does justice to the legend of that wonderland, hidden far away from the prying eyes and humdrum ways of the world. Bhutan is the kingdom of rolling hills and towering crags that have a strange charisma and has attracted many travelers all around the globe. Bhutan is a country where the mountains are magnificent, the forests are dense, the people are delightful, the air is pure and the locals are friendly.

How to reach Bhutan?

By Air: Flying to Bhutan from India is very easy. There are two airlines which operate in Bhutan, namely Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines. Paro International Airport is the only airport of Bhutan. From there you can hire a taxi to reach any destination in Bhutan.

By Rail: One of the cheapest ways to reach from India to Bhutan is by rail. Hasimara is the nearest railway station to Jaigaon, which is situated at a distance of 17 kilometers from Jaigaon. Though the train takes longer they are cost effective and are ideal for budget travelers.

By Road: The most common way to reach Bhutan is from the Jaigaon-Phuentsholing border. Private cabs are available between the two places but you can also hire a taxi from the airport or online Bhutan taxi booking from before for a smooth journey.

What are the advantages of online taxi booking?

Nowadays taxis are available every day and everywhere on the streets. The demands of taxi service are increasing tremendously as you all need them because they offer quick transportation facilities and are affordable. Booking a taxi online has become the trend of the modern era nowadays. So, there are few advantages of online taxi booking in Bhutan listed below:

1-Saves your money:

People generally hire a taxi in case of emergency or in the last moment for traveling after reaching the destined place with higher cost. Booking a taxi a few days earlier will help you save your money and also you might get some discount.

2-Saves your time:

Online taxi booking will help you save time. At times you might have to wait for discussing with the taxi rental service for hiring their car and you may also need to wait for sometime in case of any problem. With the online booking system, you are free from these problems and can book a car by sitting at home in a couple of minutes.

3-Special offers or discounts:

You can get some special offers and discounts if you are traveling during a particular season. In this modern world, there are various ways of selling coupons and discounts. These offers are not carried by the drivers. So, online taxi booking is very much effective in such cases.


The best part about online taxi booking is it is clear as a crystal. There is no confusion about the process like cost, car service, type of car and timings. Once you opt for the reputable brand, there is no doubt about the delivery and you can check the online status to be sure.

5-Diverse choices about the car:

Online taxi services are listing their details of the car and their services on their respective websites. This will help you in comparing with each and every taxi booking service companies and choosing the best one as per your requirement.

6-Book anytime:

The most interesting and easy part of taxi hire service is that you can book at any time of the moment. The only thing you need is a device and an internet service. You can also avail of mobile apps for booking a taxi online.

7-Track of your journey:

Nowadays, online booking taxi service provides us with tracking facilities. You can keep a track of your journey when you book your taxi online.

Tips to know before online taxi booking in Bhutan:

There are many taxi service companies in Bhutan for a convenient travel. You can avoid the problem of going again and again for asking about the details of the car and the service. But there are a few reasons which you must definitely keep in mind before booking a taxi online:

1-A complete pick-up and drop-off address:

An incomplete address might cause a problem for the driver to reach your home on time. So, provide the detailed pick-up address to enable the driver to find your location easily.

2-Instruction and Remark for pickup:

In online taxi booking giving instruction and remark is very important. You must inform them about your waiting place, number of luggage and of some special assistance for you to avail while you start your journey.

3-Airport booking:

You must include the proper departure time so that the car can reach for pick-up on time. It is advisable to note that for airport booking it must be 4 hours before your departure time for international flights and 3 hours for a domestic flight.

4-Early booking:

If you opt for immediate booking the system will immediately process your taxi order. This process will take 5 to 10 minutes for you to inform about the taxi availability. Due to the traffic condition, you must start booking the taxi 1 hour before your required pickup time to avoid last minute rush or disappointment.

5-Payment of fare:

If you book for a normal pickup, then you have to pay the drivers after the completion of the trip. However, for early online booking, you have to pay a minimum fee or a percentage of the total estimated fare to secure the taxi beforehand.

6-Cancellation and refund:

You can inform the taxi service company directly to cancel any trips as soon as possible and it should be informed within 48 hours before the pickup time.

Help yourself with online taxi booking!!

If you are confused about the online taxi booking then do read this blog about the tips and advantages of hiring a taxi and start for your Bhutan taxi experience for a wonderful journey.

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