Bhutan is a landlocked country between China & India, elevated at an average height of 8,000 ft above the sea level. One can’t help but endlessly admire the spectacular and pristine natural beauty of the country. This quaint country is a unique blend of cultural life and modern life. Dotted with astounding high mountains, amazing landscapes, serene monasteries and lively nightlife, Bhutan is one of the best places to explore in the world.

 Bhutan- an ideal home of wildlife animals:

This quaint country gives endless opportunities to experience the joy of seeing fauna in their natural surroundings. Considering 60% of Bhutan’s land area is still considered a nature preserve, it’s not hard to find a national park convenient to your location. You can enjoy the sight of rare fauna and can also explore that the animals roaming around freely in their most natural environment, which will make your travel experience memorable.

There are total of five national parks and four wildlife sanctuary which together constitute about 43% of Bhutan. The Government has developed an integrated conservation and development program to allow people living within a protected area to continue to farm, graze animals, collect plants and cut firewood. Bhutan established a national-park system to protect its own the ecosystems. One striking feature of these protected areas is that where there is an official entry gate, camping site etc.

So, if you are adventure seekers or animal lovers, then you must visit Bhutan to get the thrilling experience by exploring the wildlife habitats.

Access to Bhutan:

By air: The best way to reach Bhutan is by flight from your nearest airport to Paro International Airport, which is well connected with all of the major cities in India. After you reach Paro, you will get several hired taxies to reach Bhutan.

By rail:  The prevalence of high altitude valleys and mountains in Bhutan make the landscape of the country unfit for laying out tracks for railways. However, the nearest railheads are Hasimara Railway Station and New Jalpaiguri Railway Station to reach Bhutan.

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So, here we have entailed a complete list about 5 National Park present in Bhutan:

1. Royal Manas National Park:

It is the oldest protected national park and covers an area of 1,057 square kilometers. It houses both fauna and flora which is preserved for you to explore more. The sight of endangered species such as Asian Elephants, Royal Bengal Tigers, Himalayan Black Bears etc is indeed picturesque. This national park also incorporates several plant species used in food, commerce, medicine, and religious rituals. You can also explore wild water buffalos, Pygmy Hog, one-horned rhinoceros Ganges river dolphin in this national park.

Besides, this national park harbors 100 species of birds including four classic species of hornbills. The Golden Langur also makes this place more appealing to animal and nature lovers.

2. Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park:

It is one of the most spectacular national parks in Bhutan. The environment of this park is so serene and pristine that one can’t stop admiring the beauty of nature.This park is considered to be a blessing to many rare birds which migrate here from different countries every year. There are plenty of endangered bird species that are found here including the Black-necked Crane, the White-bellied Heron, and the Rufous-necked Hornbill, as well as the Wood Snipe and Great Hornbill. One gets to see a buffet of different types of birds here, ranging from tall to small and so on. This park is home to many animals such as tigers, Himalayan black bears, red pandas etc.

3. Jigme Dorji National Park:

It is the second largest national park of Bhutan. It stretches over an area of 4316 km² and is situated at an elevation of 7000 meters.
The park provides a large habitat for 37 endangered and vulnerable species such as the Snow Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Bengal tiger, Black Musk Deer, Himalayan Black Bear etc. This park is also inhabited by more than 300 species of endemic birds. The main attraction of this park is that the national animal of Bhutan, Takin, is also found here, that draws the attention of the visitors.

4. Phrumsengla National Park:

It is also known as Thrumsing La National Park and is situated in Mongar in eastern Bhutan. An epitome of beauty, Phrumsengla National Park houses red pandas, Snow Leopard, Royal Bengal Tiger and many other endangered species. The park is of utmost significance in the country because it preserves the last patches of alpine and fir trees. Apart from flora and wildlife, the cooing of birds will mesmerize you.

5. Thrumsing La National Park:

It is the newest national park in Bhutan that harbors a few species of animals and birds. The park was set aside to protect old growth temperate forest of fir and chir pine. It houses red pandas and several endangered bird species including the Rufous-necked hornbill and satyr Trapogan pheasant.

A crazy experience you cannot afford to miss-

Watching the wildlife on television geographic shows and seeing the animals do all sorts of crazy and unimaginable things fill us with an ecstatic feeling, which lures us to explore more of those wild species. Bhutan is the country where you will everything from sightseeing places to explore wildlife behavior. It is the place where your dream comes true if you are a true animal lover. Here, you can witness the variety of endangered as well as threatened animals and birds. To get all the thrilling activities by exploring the Wildlife National Park, you must visit Bhutan by booking one of the best car rental service provided by us.

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