Shrouded in mystery, Bhutan is one of the mysterious travel destinations which have limited number of tourist accessibility by imposing them with expensive regular tourism tariffs. The intriguing country offers only two modes of accessibility in its domain, one is by road, and other is by air.  If you have planned to travel to Bhutan by road, renting a car is important in order to make your travel trouble free and easy. As Bhutan is blessed with diverse landscapes and a major portion of which are highlands and peaks, car rental service in Bhutan makes your traveling from one place to the other or sightseeing trips within the country extremely easy.

If you’re traveling from India, Maldives, or Bangladesh, you need not need VISA to travel to Bhutan except the accessibility permits. Not requiring VISA also means you need not pay daily tourism fee of US$ 250/day, and on top of that, you can plan your own trip, individually.  For the foreigners paying the daily Bhutan tourism tariff, everything will be covered under the daily tariff and even the accommodation, meals, tour guide, and transport will be arranged.

However, those exempted from paying the fee, and those that have planned Bhutan tour on their own need to take care of the transport on their own. The average daily cost of traveling to Bhutan varies depending on peak and offseasons.  March, April, May, September, October, and November are considered the peak season during which the major festivals in Bhutan takes place under the most favorable climatic conditions.  Thus, the rates for every travel related things like accommodation, Bhutan tour packages; car rental for Bhutan tour, the tour guide, meals will be expensive. So, what will you do in order to avoid the high cost of traveling within the kingdom?

As roads are the only option to travel within the cultural kingdom, car rental service in Bhutan is the first important thing that you should take care of in order to explore and uncover more of the mysterious kingdom. Bhutan has no dearth of travel agencies who provide unbeatable travel services in an instant. Car rental agencies also provide the best alternatives of self-drive car rental service in Bhutan.

So, here are some useful tips you must not forget while booking a car rental for Bhutan tour.

  • For booking a self-driving car in Bhutan, bring your valid personal ID proof and your driving license. Bring Xerox-copy for each of your required documents, and bring along your passport size photos.
  • Book Bhutan car rental services prior to 6-7 months before your visit for best prices and best vehicles.
  • Check reviews, prices, and services online before paying for any xyz Bhutan travel agency.
  • If you’re planning for self-driving in Bhutan, remember the speed limits- which are 8 km/h – 20 km/h. The maximum speed limit in cities is 30 km/h and the maximum speed limit in the country is 50 km/h.
  • All passengers and drivers must wear set-belts.
  • It is compulsory to stop for giving way to a vehicle coming up-hill.
  • It is mandatory to give right of way to emergency vehicles and police.
  • Overtaking vehicles from the left or unsafe distance is strictly prohibited.
  • It is compulsory to give way to pedestrians.
  • Your minimum driving age for light vehicles should be 18 years.
  • It is recommended NOT to drive at night as most roads are deprived of road markings and street lights.
  • During monsoons, there is a risk of landslides that can block roads causing inconvenience.

So, happy vacation and enjoy a safe and delightful driving in Bhutan.

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