A magical country, Bhutan is in everyone’s bucket list all over the world.

It is the last Himalayan kingdom, shrouded in fantastic snow-covered mountains and forests that create a picturesque landscape.

But that is not all. It is a place where traditional Buddhist culture meets majestic fortress which makes it a uniquely magical and mystical place to include in your travel list. Reputed to be the last Shangri La, this country is one of a kind and is undoubtedly the best place to be in.

Explore the art of weaving!!

Not just Bhutan, the places also instill importance in the whole country of Bhutan.

Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan is one such museum in Bhutan!

The Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan is one such institution which is dedicated to the conservation and exhibition of textiles making it one of the most interesting museums to visit when in Bhutan.

Foundation of the museum!!

Bhutan’s best museum was started in May 2005, with an aim to preserve and showcase the traditional art weaving in Bhutan. It was started under the guidance of Her Majesty Queen Mother Sangay Choden Wangchuck.

Also, it provides professional training to men and women in weaving and textile!

How to reach!!

As it takes more extended hours from Bhutan, you can avail car rental service and reach Thimphu. From there you can take a short walk or drive to the museum

Distance:  1 kilometer

Time: 3 minutes

  • Head towards Drentoen Lam
  • Continue onto Drentoen Lam
  • Take the first exit onto Samtem Lam
  • Samtem Lam turns right and becomes Norzin Lam
  • Then take the 3rd exit onto Norzin Lam
  • Royal Textile Academy, Thimphu

Visit the museum!!

It is worthwhile as it displays many types of woven textiles, the machineries, skills of the weavers, traditional garments and also stores the Royal textiles, the crowns of the kings, their dresses and other accessories.

The textiles are also categorized in various themes!

  • Warp pattern weaves
  • Weft pattern weaves
  • Role of textiles in religion
  • Achievement in textile arts
  • Textiles from indigenous fibres

Also, the Royal collection to be a favorite theme!

Visiting and Entry fees!!

Tourists can visit the National Textile Museum any time of the day but timings do matter.

9 am-5 pm from Monday to Saturday

10 am-3 pm on Sundays

Entry fee: INR 250

Attractions to look for!!

  • Preservation of the articles of Royal family
  • The infrastructure of National textile museum
  • Wedding clothes of the 4th Dragon king decorated on the first floor
  • Weaving technique is shown in the upper floor
  • Display of various textile art and craft in the gallery of the museum

You can also try out some ancient weaving techniques of Gho and Kira!

Events organized here!!

Just visiting is not enough, there are several events organized here for you to spend a day.

  • National design competition which takes place from September to October
  • Auctions
  • Demonstrations of skills particularly to individuals

Objectives of the museum!!

There are many objectives behind founding this famous museum.

  • Develop a conservation center to restore the Bhutanese textile
  • Provide professional training to men and women in weaving and textile
  • Free of cost training to promote women empowerment
  • Fill the younger minds with knowledge of the country’s textiles

We hope you are now ready to visit this National Textile Museum which is a favored sightseeing place in Thimphu for you to have an insight into the traditional textiles of Bhutan!

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