Bhutan is a country that has preserved its ancient culture and traditions while carefully allowing modern developments. The country is unique both culturally and environmentally and is known to be the last remaining Buddhist Kingdom. The unique and interesting thing about Bhutan is that they are more concerned about the happiness and well-being of the people. The main occupation of the people of Bhutan is agriculture. Due to the mesmerizing environment and the humble society and generous people, the kingdom of Bhutan is also referred to as the ‘Last Shangri-La. Here are some of the facts and details regarding the cost of living of the Bhutanese people.


Here is a list of the food habits of the people which co-relates to the cost of living in Bhutan


Food and Restaurants


Price Range
Food in inexpensive restaurant =275Rs =250-300
Food in mid ranged restaurant(2 people) =998Rs =650-1000
Meal at McDonalds =249Rs N/A
Domestic Beer =73Rs 65-80
Imported Beer =105Rs
1 bottle good quality wine =675Rs 600-900
Cappuccino =123Rs 100-149
Pepsi/coke =50Rs 40-59
Water =23Rs 20-29


The markets are a very important as they provide fresh organic produce for the people in Bhutan. Markets play an important role in determining the cost of living in Bhutan.

Markets Price Range
milk =65 Rs 59-109
Bread loaf =67 Rs 34-99
Rice =63 Rs 39-75
Eggs =109 Rs 100-119
Local Cheese =399 Rs 249-450
Chicken Breasts =299 Rs N/A
Beef =294 Rs 189-399
Apples =149 Rs 79-250
Bananas =79 Rs N/A
Oranges =89 Rs 79-99
Tomatoes =44 Rs 39-80
Potatoes =36 Rs 29-40
onions =43 Rs 40-59
lettuce =29 Rs 19-39
water =29 Rs N/A
Bottle of wine(mid range) =1,399 Rs 189-2500
Domestic Beer =69 Rs N/A
Imported Beer =119 Rs N/A
Cigarettes =99 Rs N/A


Transportation is absolutely important for the people of Bhutan. It serves an essential part in the cost of living in Bhutan

Transportation Price Range
Local transport(one-way ticket) =20Rs N/A
Monthly pass =400Rs N/A
Taxi normal rate =60 Rs N/A
Taxi 1km =54 Rs 30-79
Taxi 1hr waiting =75 Rs N/A
Gasoline =58 Rs 57-60
Volkswagen Golf or equal =1,200,000 Rs 700,000-1,200,000
Toyota Corolla =1,200,000 Rs N/A

Monthly Utilities

Utilities Price Range
Basic(heating, cooling, water, garbage) =3000 Rs N/A
Mobile prepaid tariff =1 Rs N/A
Internet =1000 Rs N/A

Sporting activities and leisure

Sports activities Price Range
Fitness club(monthly fee) =5990Rs N/A
Tennis court Rent =150Rs N/A

Clothing and shoes

Clothing/shoe Price Range
Levis jeans(1 pair) =998 Rs N/A
1 summer dress =2,995 Rs N/A
1 pair Nike shoes =6,988 Rs N/A
1 pain leather business shoes 3226 N/A

Monthly rent

Rent Price Range
Apartment 1bhk in city center 7244 4000-15000
Apartment 1bhk outside city center 7500 3500-13000
Apartment 3bhk in city center 15,500 11980-25000
Apartment 3bhk outside city center 11,500 9484-18000

Remuneration/ Financing

Salary/Finance Price Range
Average monthly salary(after tax) 29500 N/A
Mortgage interest rates 3percent 3-4percent


The above-detailed list is based on data points and may change or vary at a point in time. We hope that the above information will be of use for you. We hope and pray that you have a pleasant time in Bhutan

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