Planning a road trip with your friends and family to Phuentsholing is always fun and exciting. Phuentsholing is known to be the second largest town in Bhutan with a population of almost 40000 people. Phuentsholing is the entry point of Bhutan for passengers who are arriving from Siliguri and Kolkata. When you enter Phuentsholing you can immediately see the difference in cleanliness between the two countries as Phuentsholing is absolutely clean whereas the border area of India is very polluted and dirty. Here are some information and tips that can be helpful for your journey to Phuentsholing.

Distance from Alipurduar to Phuentsholing=57.5km

Arrival Time=1hr 40mins

Alipurduar to Phuentsholing taxi fare details

Taxi fare from Alipurduar to Phuentsholing=1059Rs Approx

Luggage charges=luggage that can be stored in the Taxi storage is not charged

Return fare details

There are many taxi services in Bhutan who are available for your assistance as they will drive you back to Alipurduar. You can always book a taxi in Bhutan that will charge a reasonable amount to you provided you bargain a little. If you want information regarding the Bhutan taxi rates you should contact A.V Tours as they will cater to your queries and provide you with a detailed tariff of the Bhutan taxi fare and also if you want to book a taxi from Bagdogra to Bhutan do contact them as they will provide you with a well-conditioned taxi with an experienced driver at a reasonable price.

Taxi fare from Phuentsholing to Alipurduar=1060Rs Approx

Luggage charges=N/A

Night charges: 18 Rs per km

Note: there are many fraud drivers that will trick you and charge you extra money while returning to Alipurduar so you should be fully aware of the taxi fare from Alipurduar to Phuentsholing.

Why should you visit Phuentsholing?

Known to be the second largest town of Bhutan with a population of about 40000 people it is the entry zone of Bhutan and one of the cleanest and the safest cities of as well. When you enter Phuentsholing you will feel relaxed as the roads are less chaotic and the fresh clean air emanating from the city calms you.

How to get there

From Alipurduar there are many taxi services that will take you to Phuentsholing. Book a cab or if you want any further information, get in touch with A.V Tours as they will provide you with all the necessary help you require and also the details regarding the taxi fare from Alipurduar to Phuentsholing

Important Note: for Indian citizens, it is important to carry your identity details as it is required for the Permit to enter Bhutan

Where to Stay in Phuentsholing

Park Hotel, Bhutan

Park Hotel, Bhutan

The hotel is famous in Phuentsholing and is known to be one of the best hotels in the whole of the city. They offer spacious and cozy rooms and the hospitality is simply amazing

Amenities: child-friendly, Bar, Restaurant, Fitness center and laundry service.

Price starts from 4287Rs

Location: Tharpai Lam, Phuentsholing, Bhutan

Phone no: +975 17 79 50 42

What to do in Phuentsholing

There are many tourist attractions in Phuentsholing that is definitely pleasing to the eyes. The city itself is very clean and well maintained unlike the border area of India. The traffic is also well organized and not chaotic.

The Bhutan Gate

The Bhutan Gate

The infrastructure of the gate is simply unique and mesmerizing. The shining wood painting will leave you spellbound. It is one of the best architectural designs in Bhutan and a photographic attraction in Phuentsholing.

Main attraction: stunning architectural designs.

Tashi Industries Carpet Factory

Tashi Industries Carpet Factory

If you are interested in traditional items and carpets you should definitely pay a visit to this factory as they make handmade carpet woven from Indian wool and colored with synthetic dyes

Factory specialization: ‘mathra’ which is a material used for weaving Gho, handmade carpets

Location: North of Phuentsholing, Bhutan

Where to eat

The Park Restaurant

The Park Restaurant

It is one of the most famous restaurants in Phuentsholing with a good ambiance and good service providing good quality food. The restaurant is famous for its delicious contemporary and Chinese dishes

Opening hours: 6 am to 11 pm

Cuisines: Indian, contemporary, Chinese

Location: Tharpai Lam Opposite Zangtopelri Park, Phuentsholing

Asian Kitchen Hotel Restaurant and Bar

Asian Kitchen Hotel Restaurant and Bar

It is one of the budget hotels in the city providing excellent quality food and delicious authentic Bhutanese cuisines

Opening hours: 7:30 am to 11:30 pm

Cuisines: Chinese, Indian, Asian, vegan, vegan-friendly

Location: Main Market, Adjacent to Phuentsholing Park, Phuentsholing


We hope that the above information will be of use to you in your journey to Phuentsholing. Do not forget to carry your identity details as it is required for the permit. Hope you have a pleasant time in Phuentsholing.

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