Travelling is about fun, happiness , getting fascinated by new place while exploring rather than indulging into confusion. AV tours and travels offers you the best Bhutan tour package to make your roadtrip to the Land of Thunder Dragon more exciting and a memorable one. Planning a Vacation is easy but managing it properly can be hectic. If you are planning a road trip to the majestic kingdom of Bhutan then hire the best taxi services.

 Along with our tour packages we provide the best quality taxi services in Bhutan to give you complete freedom during travelling. The rocky mountains road ,the steep valleys and the adventurous cruise through the mystical surroundings can be

perfect with the best taxi services. Renting a car can be the best way to minimize the time travel  as our experienced driver from Av tours and Travels takes the best itinerary all along Bhutan. As they indulge you to this beautiful Buddhist culture.

From Av tours and travels you can book taxis within your budget cap along with luxuries. Enjoy the rich culture, vibrant tradition , the historical architecture like monasteries and Dzongs, the mesmerizing landscapes ,lush green valley and picturesque mountains. With our best taxi service treat yourself for a life changing trip to this paradise on earth nation of Bhutan.

Things you can relish with taxi services

Witness the Natural Beauty

 Bhutan offers one of the best natural vegetation around the world . With its Mystic beauty it attracts major tourist. By choosing taxi services from Av Tours and Travels the traveler can stay connected with the nature offerings of Bhutan as car rental offers a vast space for exploration. Heavenly places can be best explored from cars as it provides a safe and luxurious ride. You can easily make a difference with your tour plan by visualizing the surroundings and enjoying serene places with a cozy ride.

Quality of life and luxury.

Av tours and travels provide you with the best taxi services in Bhutan with a quality of life and luxury. A cruise to the Last Himalayan Shangri-la will be a adventurous  ride

following the tall rocky mountains with up and downs, bumpy offroad ridesa sensational drive to discover peace .With our best taxi service we provide luxurious and cozy ride with comfortable seats, well furnished cars, the best travel expert that enhance your joy for tavelling and convenient way to meet your travel expection.Find comfort during travelling and stay ahead of the worries with efficient Bhutan taxi services that values your time and money, enjoy Bhutan like never before with our taxi services and refresh your inner soul throughout the trip.

Worth –Expenses  The whole concept of renting a car is not a new thing for travelers but with the evolution there comes agencies with more efficient and easy tour packages. It has become a piece of cake for people to find services and benefits availing the

taxi service. AV Tours and travels provides the best taxi services along with the best affordable range of prices. In comparision to other travel agency we provide best taxi services with future deals and discount on future deals. It is the best idea to hire a taxi service to make oyur trip cost effective. We take best care of your needs by maintaining safety and luxury during your travel expedition.Lets plan a trip to the Land of Thunder Dragon with best taxi service that matches your requirements and budget.

Along with withnessing the natural beauty, manifesting life with luxury and making it cost effective our taxi are provide with

  • Well maintained, clean vehicles
  • Local well experienced driver
  • Punctual Pickup and Drop Services
  • Midnight and dawn servicing

Polite well spoken executives

Transport to the airport is meant for making travel easier for you. A vacation in Bhutan is pleasant break from commercially oriented tourist spots. It has become very important to depend of best taxi services to fulfill your needs while travelling.

Along with the best taxi service in Bhutan from AV Tours and Travels there are other various taxi services around Bhutan, here are some few things associated with the taxi services That should be considered before booking it.

  • Know the name of the company from the service if provided. Emergency may occur during any stage of travel. Hence it is very important to be aware of the name of the agency where you can report about your issues.
  • Beware of illegal taxi drives. AV tours and Travels provide you genuine experienced drivers with licensed taxis and affordable rates of travel destination.
  • Check and compare the price before booking and do check the taxi that you have booked have a valid registration number or not . By comparing check on the prices as different agencies provide different range of prices on taxi services.
  • Book it beforehand especially if you are on the trip for the very first time.It is very much convenient than standing and waving your hand for a taxi.
  • Bhutan is “Land of Gross Happiness” as travelers from all around the world visit here to explore it natural beauty, its rich culture and vast Buddhist tradition and the history itself is very promising of this nation. Panning a tour to Bhutan is always a best way to treat your innerself with peace,love and harmony. AV tours and travel provide best travel package with best taxi services to enhance your way of travelling with comfort and to relish every bits of the journey. Book your Tavel package now from AV Tours and Travels and experience the mighty Kingdom of Bhutan and indulge our self to a simplier way of life.