Glimmering lights in powdered white, Capture the sun, And to my delight, never-ending dance, The beauty of snowfall, Such pure romance -Dorinda Duclos.

Those pure white flakes of snow settle down on the grass like a white blanket. The snow on the top of those pine trees looks like ultimate bliss. When the sun shines on that snowdrop feels like the world is captured inside it.

Ah! What a peace! What a kiss of winter love.

Bhutan is heaven during the months of winter (December to February).

There are four seasons in Bhutan:

Spring-March, April and May

Summer- June, July, and August

Autumn- September, October, and November

Winter-December, January and February

Every season is beautiful in its own way. But winter brings some magic with it.

Do you have kids at home who like snow?

Are you newly married and planning to go to a snowfall destination?

Do you want to experience snow in a magical Land?


Where to experience snow in Bhutan?

Bhutan is a beautiful place. Bhutan dresses differently in different seasons. But the most beautiful attire that Bhutan takes up is in the winter months. Dressed in complete white, Bhutan looks like a newlywed Christian bride.
If you want to experience snow at its best in Bhutan, then you can choose the best tour package. Those luxury travel packages will help you a lot in experiencing snowfall in Bhutan. 2018 is about to end why not end the year with wonderful snowfall in Bhutan.

Here are some suggestions of the places to enjoy snowfall:

Stay in the Dochula cafeteria Lodge near the Dochula Pass.

See the 108 Chortens fully covered with snow.

Paro, Haa, and Phobjikha snowfall are at its best.

Is enjoying snowfall in Bhutan expensive?

Absolutely not!

Enjoying snowfall in Bhutan won’t hurt your pocket much.

If enjoying snowfall is on your mind, then you must book your tickets 3 to 4 months before winter. Whether you prefer flight or train, tickets must be booked beforehand to enjoy a comfortable journey.

Flights: At an approx of rupees 10000 you will be able to travel a round trip to and from Bhutan.

Accommodation: Spending of Approx of 1000 rupees will give you a good stay in Bhutan.

Meals: Have your meals by spending a minimum of 600 rupees.

Sightseeing- within 500 rupees approx you will enjoy sightseeing.

Local travels: For local travel, you can avail cars for 1000 rupees approx and for the bus you will need to spend 500 approx.

Other expenditure: Within 100 you will manage your other expenditures.

This is all the information you need to know about traveling to Bhutan during Snowfall.


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