Bhutan, the happiest country in the world, is one of the finest models of sustainable development in the world.

Bhutan-‘Dreamland of Nature Lovers’

Bhutan, also known as ‘the Land of thunder dragon’ is tucked in the mountainous eastern Himalayas. You can’t help yourself to admire the spectacular and pristine natural beauty of the country. Decked with spectacular high mountain peaks, lavishing landscapes, vintage monasteries, and crazy nightlife, Bhutan has everything in its stock which you must explore at least once in a lifetime.

Some Pros and Cons of Visiting Bhutan!!

As we all know that visit to any place has its pros and cons, similarly visit this heavenly place can give you some sugary as well as some salty experiences too-


There are some pros of visiting Bhutan-

1. Ornate Architecture:

Those people who are fortunate enough to visit Bhutan are surely stunned by its architecture. Every building and house in Bhutan will give you an authentic experience. The whole structure has the rich pattern of colors which attracts every eye.

2. Enthralling Adventure Activities:

Your trip to Bhutan can give you a majestic experience, where you can explore a lot of adventure activities. You can opt for mountain biking or whitewater rafting to explore the beautiful locations and calm atmosphere.

3. Feel the serenity of Buddhism:

When you enter in Bhutan, the foremost thing you can witness is Buddhism. Whether it is the Himalayas, air or people, you can have the feel of prayers all around. Prayer wheels can be seen in different locations that give you the feeling of eternity.

4. The hospitality of Local people:

Bhutanese are generally very kind-hearted, helpful, and caring. As Buddhism is being infused into them, they are blessed with the spirituality and welcoming their guests with heartwarming greetings.


There are some cons too of visiting Bhutan-

1. Poor Road Infrastructure:

Getting around in Bhutan can be a really bad experience that you can have because of its bumpy roads. There is 1 national highway which extremely twisty, curvy, and dusty. Mind it; toilet will be a problem; there are rarely some bushes around the road to help you.

2. Less Medical Stores:

Bhutanese people get their medicines for free from government hospitals in Bhutan. For this, you will hardly find any medical stores there. So, it is recommended to keep some medicines with you for common diseases and your health conditions.

3. Low availability of Food options:

You will get very limited options for food. Mostly vegetarian dishes are served with rice, veggies, and baked beans in Bhutan.  The local people don’t kill animals, so you will hardly find a tasty non-vegetarian dish.

4.  High altitude:

Perched at an elevation of 2,200 meters, your trip to Bhutan might be difficult if your health condition is not so good. So, it is recommended to get your health checked before traveling to Bhutan.

Although there are a lot of cons, Bhutan is still in touch with nature and this country seems to reside in the laps of God. You must visit this mind-boggling nation to get a lifetime experience.

Popular FAQs-

Q. Do Indians need a visa for Bhutan?

A. No, Indians do not need visa permit. Indians are only required to carry a passport, a valid ID card, and two passports sized photo to enter in Bhutan.

Q. What are the most iconic places to visit in Bhutan?

A. The most tempting places to visit in Bhutan are Paro, Punakha, Thimphu, Gangtey etc.

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