With diverse culture & traditions, the hospitality of locales, and calm environments, Bhutan is the ideal place for every nature lovers.

Bhutan- ‘World’s Most Precious Gemstone’

Tucked in the mountainous eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is considered to be the happiest country in the world. Encompassing 38,729 square kilometers of total area, Bhutan is a unique blend of traditional cultural life as well as the modern life. Festooned with mind-boggling high mountain peaks, lavishing landscapes, serene monasteries, and crazy nightlife, Bhutan has everything in its stock which you must explore atleast once in a lifetime.

Reasons to be called Bhutan as the Safest Country!!

The land of thunder dragon, Bhutan attracts many visitors from all over the world not only by its surreal beauty but also for being the safest place in the country. There are a few reasons for which Bhutan is considered to be safest, such as-

  • Bhutanese people are quite caring, welcoming and helpful.
  • Bhutan has been recognized as the independent country for more than 2000 years. So, we can clearly assume that Bhutan is the right place for traveling without any hassle.
  • There are less bargaining shopkeepers.
  • Bhutan is worldwide famous for its zero crime rates.
  • As there is less crime, so there is less chance get trapped into tourist guides.
  • Bhutan is the hub of numerous eye-catching sightseeing places to explore.
  • Bhutan is famous for conserving Gross National Happiness.
  • This country is 100% organic and carbon-free country.

Be Cautious about Some Annoyances in Bhutan!!

Although Bhutan is almost completely devoid of the scams, there are a couple of things to look out for-

  • You can face altitude sickness problems in Bhutan. Most of the places in Bhutan you can visit lie below 3000m and the maximum elevation you can reach by road is around 3800m.
  • There are many scruffy dogs that sleep silently during the daytime and turn into barking monsters at night in Bhutan. Be aware and don’t even try to irritate them.
  • Harsh weather of Bhutan can obscure the mountain views that you made such an effort to see and can affect your flight journey. White snow sometimes blocks the road temporarily on high passes in winter.
  • You can feel carsickness problem while driving on rough, winding roads. Anti-motion medication such as Dramamine can help you, but it can also bring the anti-drowsy versions. And for this, you’ll spend most of the spectacular drives snoring in the back seat.

Essential Information About Bhutan You Must Know!!

Best time to Visit- October to December

Altitude- 2,250 m

Best Sightseeing Places- Chele La Pass, Rinpung Dzong, Punakha Dzong, Tiger’s Nest, Dochula Pass etc.

Best Hotels- Taj Tashi Hotel, Amankora, COMO Uma, Hotel Norbuling etc

Best Restaurants- Babesa Village Restaurant, Sonam Trophel Restaurant, San Maru Restaurant, Zombala 2 etc

Nearby Petrol Pumps- BDS Petrol Station, Lakhipara Petrol Pump, BP Petrol Pump etc

Still Worried? You should not be! We can assure you that your trip to Bhutan will definitely be memorable for the lifetime either traveling solo or in a group.

Popular FAQS-

Q. What are the famous adventure activities in Bhutan?

A. Bhutan will give you the opportunity to enjoy a lot of adventure activities such Paragliding, River Rafting, Mountain Biking, Trekking etc.

Q. What documents required to visit Bhutan from India?

A. Indians are only required to carry one passport, 2 passport sized photos and a valid ID card to enter in Bhutan. They do not have to bring any visa permit.

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