The tiny landlocked kingdom of Bhutan is the first only carbon negative country in the whole world which is situated in the eastern Himalayan ranges.

This is the only country where you can breathe the purest air on the earth. It has the most picture-perfect setting of valleys, mountains, forests and snow peaks, and Buddhism is the new way of life in this mystical country of Bhutan.

Why visit Bhutan leaving any other country?

If you wish to escape your fast moving city life then relish a moment or two amidst the lap of Himalayas, Bhutan is the ultimate place for you. But why…

  • Happiness is the key to Bhutan’s tourism
  • Bhutan is a traditional, authentic, divine and pure nation
  • Country of low volume and has a high impact
  • Bhutan has a cultural legacy
  • Bhutan is a land of tasty cuisines
  • It welcomes with a goodbye

Finally, we are here to bring the top things to do in Bhutan least once in a lifetime to have an out of the box experience of the traditional-cum-modernity Himalayan life.

1- Hiking up to the Tiger’s Nest:

The Tiger’s Nest Monastery is one of the most iconic and the most imaginable landmark which is mostly linked with the country. The monastery is located at a steep hill in the Paro valley. It is a two hours’ hike up to the monastery and you can also hire a horse to reach the top of the monastery.

2- Experience the leisure of the best homestay:

The most enjoyable things to do in Bhutan are spending time with local families by experiencing a homestay. These homestays will offer you the best homely services and you will surely feel like ‘home away from home’. You can have a good night sleep at night till the farm animals wake you up.

3- Witness the Takin:

If you have not heard about Takin then you must visit Bhutan to have a closer look at this national animal of Bhutan. This is the animal which is found in the forested valleys and you can go on a trek to catch a sight of this endangered animal at Motithang Takin Preserve in Thimphu.

4- Dance along with the traditional festivals:

Like everything is special in this country, festivals are also an important part to indulge in the colorful and mystical legends of Bhutan. Tshechus are celebrated in most parts of the country where masked dances and dramas are performed. You might also be asked to take part with utmost delight.

5- Bow in front of the Punakha Dzong:

Dzongs are the most significant part which is found in most of the areas of Bhutan depicting the religious centers of Bhutanese communities. One of the most beautiful among them is the Punakha Dzong or the ‘Palace of Great Happiness’ which has some murals and symbols showing the life of Buddha.

6- Watch and learn the skill of Archery:

Archery is Bhutan’s national sport which is practiced everywhere in the country. It is played between two teams and the members of the opposing team make fun of each other to confuse each of the players. Once you understand the game even you will enjoy the fun and entertainment of the game.

7- Trek into the unknown paths of Bhutan:

Bhutan has some of the world’s highest mountains which are free from the crowd of the tourists which gives you the golden chance of trekking amidst the Himalayas. From forest treks to gentle treks Bhutan offers a perfect trekking paradise for travelers.

Pull your socks to experience Bhutan at its best

Plan a trip to Bhutan and experience the top things to do in Bhutan. If you miss any one of these then you will not surely know what Bhutan is. It will provide you with an eye-opening experience and take your breath away.

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