Planning a trip to Bhutan this winter? Looking forward to exploring this spectacular season behind the wheels of the rental car? Then it is a great idea!

The winter wonderland waits for you! 

However, if this will be your first time driving on snowy roads of Bhutan then we recommend you to read the tips given below.

So that your adventure with Bhutan taxi booking does not lead to a misadventure!

1- Plan beforehand:

Check the weather conditions before heading out. Do not take unnecessary chances.  Allow yourself to take time and wait for conditions to improve.

2- Dress comfortably:

You must not feel cold inside the car. Bring warm clothing in case you of getting out of the car. Make sure to have gloves, caps and proper woolen clothes.

3- Check the level of windshield washer fluid:

The car must have proper windshield washer fluid so to drive properly during winter in Bhutan. Running out of windshield might affect the safety of you and others. So be aware!

4- Keep the fuel tank full:

You must keep the fuel tank filled as much as possible. We all know it is never fun to run out of gas. But it is much worse during winter!

5- Turn the lights on:

Before booking taxi services in Bhutan you must check the headlights of the car. It is the most important thing if the visibility is terrible. But especially during the winter!

6- Stay in control while driving:

You must be alert and stay in control of your vehicle. Keep a pace in driving even though it takes time to take turns and accelerating in snowy roads of Bhutan.

7- Leave sufficient distance between two vehicles:

Do not travel closer to the other vehicle in front of you. As it takes longer to stop and start on snow-covered roads so you must keep a specific line of distance between the two vehicles.

8- Know your route accurately:

The snow or fog might create difficulty in driving from one place to another in Bhutan. So you must know your route correctly so to avoid going to any wrong paths.

9- Look far ahead:

You must give your full concentration while driving during the winter time. This will help you in recognizing any mishaps and give you time to react to the situation.

10- Keep your winter essentials:

In case of your vehicle getting stopped or damaged in the middle of the roads in Bhutan, you must have every winter essential ready. This will help to protect you from the cold weather.

Concerned about safety? Here’s how to choose your car!

Be sure to keep this guide in hand and take these safe driving tips by heart before you plan for a Bhutan drive during winter.

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