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“The true essentials of feast are only fun and feed”Oliver Wendell Holmes

The beautiful land of Bhutan has many places to visit and one among them is Zhemgang. It is one of the smallest districts among the 20 Dzongkhags in Bhutan. The beauty of this district is unexplained and it is indeed nature’s paradise to visit while on your visit to Bhutan.

What to know:

Few things to know before you put your feet into this beautiful district in Bhutan:

  • Location: South of Trongsa
  • Traditional name: Kheng
  • Language: Khengpa
  • Blocks of villages: 8
  • Area: 2125 square kilometers

This is just short information about Zhemgang, but to know about it more visit Zhemgang to know more about this nature’s abode.

Let us start with…

Best time to visit:

The best and suitable time to visit this district would be when the flora and fauna are at its best. The weather of Zhemgang is favorable and suits the best for activities for the travelers. But a memorable trip to this place would be in

  • January to March
  • Or, April to December

The best possible way to reach…

Bhutan has been serving as the main entry point for thousands of travelers for a long time. But there are means to get to Zhemgang in Bhutan.

By Flight: Paro international airport is the easiest way to reach Bhutan by air. This route links Bhutan to other major other countries.

By Train: With the most comfortable and accessible way to reach Bhutan it has two main rail lines. One is Hasimara and Phuentsholing. These are the best railway lines to reach Bhutan hassle-free.

By Car: There are many routes connected by road to reach Zhemgang with right road conditions.

Some of the places to wander about:

After reaching Zhemgang, just staying in a hotel room is not enough, you can explore the sightseeing places as well. The most famous ones are:

  • Buli Lhakhang
  • Tharpa Choeling Lhakhang
  • Royal Manas National Park

Wow! This sounds exciting when it comes to…

Celebrating Bhutan festivals:

The festivals of Bhutan are prosperous and happy which expresses the ancient Buddhist culture. Tshechus are held in some specific days and months in the Bhutanese Calendar which lasts upto 4 days. It is celebrated in many different ways like:

  • People wear new clothes
  • They get decked up in new jewelry and ornaments
  • They visit the Dzongs and monasteries where the festivals are celebrated
  • The monks perform masked ritual dances
  • People involved in prayer and meditation inside the monastery
  • Witness the giant silk appliqué paintings of Guru Padmasambhava

The preparations of these festivals start weeks before the main festival begins. But the most popular among them is the Ngala Trong Tshechu which is held in Zhemgang. So travel to Bhutan by booking the affordable taxi services in Bhutan for a better experience of the festivals of Bhutan.

Enjoying the festival of Zhemgang:

  • Ngala Trong Tshechu: It is the most famous festival of this small district in Bhutan. It is scheduled in November in Zhemgang. The different forms of mask dances and cultural items are showcased to the public during the celebration of the festival.

Festival date: 23 November 2018

Destination: Zhemgang

Venue: Ngala Trong

Do not just listen to the stories of festivals of Bhutan. Do visit Zhemgang and get lost in the festivity of this little district while on your trip to the magical land of thunder dragon now.

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