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The USP of Bhutan

Before the 1960s, the country had no roads, motors, communications, messenger system or power. The govt lifted a ban on TV and therefore the Internet — only in 1999, 15 years ago. Its capital Thimphu is the only capital within the world without traffic lights. In fact, when traffic lights were installed, there was such public outcry that the town reverted back to the utilization of white-gloved traffic police. Bhutan is additionally the sole country to outlaw tobacco — the sale of cigarettes is banned throughout the country.

Traditions always come first

In the 1990s, the King introduced a decree to possess all Bhutanese follow traditional customs including dress and conduct and as a result, riots erupted within the Nepalese community. This led to the forced exile of 100,000 Bhutanese people of Nepalese origin and therefore the Bhutanese government was criticized for this, says National Geographic.

Uniqueness in their clothes

Today, the Bhutanese are still obliged to wear a national costume – a judo-style suit referred to as gho for men and a silk jacket referred to as Kira for ladies – to figure and to monastic buildings. However, if you ask the Bhutanese, you’ll soon realize that the majority Bhutanese don’t feel in any way restricted by these rules and obligations and are filled with pride for his or her nation.

The only country to religious and lawfully protect nature

Because of the deep traditional reverence, the Bhutanese have for nature, the country features a strong emphasis on the protection of flora and fauna. In fact, Bhutan is that the first country within the world with constitutional obligations on its people to stay a minimum of 60 per cent of the state under forest cover in the least times. At the instant, over 72% of the country is forested. Plastic bags are banned in Bhutan since 1999. rather than using plastic bags, the Bhutanese use cotton bags for his or her groceries to stay the environment freed from non-biodegradable rubbish. Take the Bhutan travel packages to connect with the captivating views of Bhutan.

A helpful happy country

Out of the 720.000 people in Bhutan, the bulk of them reside in rural areas and about 30% still live under the poverty level. That said, you’ll not see any beggars or slums in Bhutan and there’s no abject poverty. Generally, all Bhutanese have a shelter and are self-sufficient to an outsizes extent. Agriculture and livestock rearing have long been the mainstay of their sustenance. Now 70% of the population continues to measure on farming while the remaining percentage are dedicating themselves to tourism and hydroelectric power industry.

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