Planning a vacation is easy but managing it properly can be hectic. If you are planning a road trip to the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, then choose a taxi hire. There are many trusted taxi services in Bhutan and enjoy the spectacular journey.

However, there are a few things associated with the taxi services that should be considered before booking it. Let us here discuss some of them-

1. Know the name of the company-

Emergencies may occur during any stage of travel.  Hence it is important to be aware of the name of the company so that you can report about the issue to the concerned.

2. Beware of the illegal taxi drivers-

It is highly recommended to use only licensed taxis. There are many illegal drivers who are likely to go against the standard rates and regulations. Remember licensed taxis always have a sticker and meter.

3. Check and compare the price before booking-

Most of the taxi companies have an online presence today so you can easily compare the prices. Some companies may charge higher than the preset price while some may offer great discounts on booking to and from the airport. Book a trusted Bhutan taxi service to reach the “Land of Happiness”.

4. Make sure the taxi has a valid registration number-

You must check and confirm that the taxi you are booking has a valid registration number. If it doesn’t have a registration, then you may face some inconvenient situation which you surely do not want to face during your trip to Bhutan.

5. Book it beforehand-

A taxi should always be booked beforehand especially if you are on a trip to Bhutan for the first time. Call and ask your taxi to arrive at your location. It is much convenient than standing and waving your hand for a taxi.

Popular FAQs-

Q. Can luggage be carried in a taxi?

A. Yes, you can carry a medium bag and two small bags in a taxi.

Q. What to do if the taxi shows up late?

A. Mostly taxis maintain their timings but in case if it’s late you can call the company to get an alternative vehicle or a full refund.

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