“Climb the mountain not to complete the challenge but enjoy the air and behold the view.”

It is no secret that everybody loves hill stations. Despite the stressful jobs and several other problems happening in their life, people never fail to find soothing comfort while visiting these hill stations for mountain escape. The view from the hilltops is an object of real fascination.

Why only hill stations and not any other place?

Hill stations are mesmerizing but the real reason behind spending a vacation here is mentioned here.

  • Vast expanse of greenery
  • Endless natural beauty
  • Pleasant weather and climate
  • Unending nature trails

Now we hope you will surely plan a vacation here without a second thought!

Taking a tour of the surreal hill stations all around the world! Let’s go!

Located in China, Ghuling is one of the most visited hill stations in the world. The weather is freezing cold and snowfall can also be experienced here. So, if you are planning a tour to experience adventure like never before then book China adventure budget tour package to pump your adrenaline rush.

Pokhara, Nepal- The piece of charm and beauty!

Pokhara, Nepal

One of the favourite hill stations, Pokhara can offer clear views of some of the Himalayan ranges. Being a popular base camp for mountaineers, this place will also offer you many popular adventure tours with the best Pokhara adventure budget tour package for a memorable holiday.

Grand canyon, Arizona-Ever-changing and dramatic scenery!

Grand canyon

Located in Arizona, Grand Canyon is the most attractive hill station in the world. The moderate summer and winter snowfall makes this an ideal adventure spot for tourists to camp. So, book your Arizona adventure budget tour package for a wonderful adventurous vacation.

Paro, Bhutan-The blend of greenery and tranquility!

Hill Stations for Mountain Escape

The mountains of Bhutan are popularly known for their tranquility. You can embark at Paro airport to get the mind-blowing view of the mountain peaks. However, trekking and sightseeing can also be added by booking the best Bhutan adventure budget tour package on this happiest place.

Fraser Hills, Kuala Lampur-The sweeping rolling hills!

Kuala Lampur

A short drive away from Kuala Lampur, Fraser Hills is one of the beautiful hill stations in the world. Enjoy the cold weather as you travel towards the beautiful mountains. Also, travel to the main city with Kuala Lampur budget adventure budget tour package to indulge in various things to do for ultimate fun.

Great Smoky Mountains, USA-Ideal getaway amidst the forest!

Hill Stations for Mountain Escape

This hill station is located a few kilometers away from the main city of North Carolina in the USA. One of the most wanted places to visit by the travelers; this mountain is always covered in natural fog. Also, if you want to do white water rafting then the USA adventure budget tour package & ready to go to the hill stations for mountain escape.

If you also want to be one telling the stories of your world adventure tour to your friends like others then plan to enjoy the serene beauty of Mother Nature in its purest form!

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